Perfection Stripe Sleeve V-Neck

Perfection Stripe Sleeve V-Neck | Carmine 6 shirt

Just wanted to share a Carmine 6 shirt I put together.  This is an example of one of my proof of concept experiments that actually went from my head to computer to being sent to my vinyl cutter for proof concept application to finally sent to the screen printer once I am happy with how the shirt looks.

This shirt was designed specifically for the Jordan Carmine 6’s 384664-160.  I know what you’re thinking, with the Jordan Brand & Nike there’s no shortage of footwear with Red, White & Black colorway.  Therefore, chances are many of us have a shirt with those colors.  I totally agree.  But I’m one of those weird guys that like to have a specific shirts, shorts/pants for a specific pair of sneakers.  I usually look for multiple options for anyone pair of shoes and no matter what I won’t break that group up.  So , the Fire Red 5’s, Carmine 6’s, Fire Red 3’s, & Black Toe 1’s are pretty much the same color way and could all technically be worn with the same shirt but crazy me would want specific shirts for all them. Yeah, I know, I’m weird.  I admit it.

The good news is that the Perfection Stripe Sleeve V-Neck is now currently available in the shop, until they sell out, for anyone looking to compliment their Carmine’s.  Especially those like me who still have not worn them yet.

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