Does Any Of This Sound Like You?

How we will fix this for you



Not only do we understand but...

We will create custom made clothes for you that will fit you just right. brings out your confidence. you designed. makes you stand out. represents your personality. turns heads. no one else has. represents your style. are made just for you. make great gifts. match all sneakers.


Yes, it’s that simple. In the time it takes to text you can start creating a new wardrobe.


Once you approve your mockups and add your personal touches we create your items.


When your custom-made to order 1 of 1 clothing arrives the only thing left to do is… Show off.

What our clients say

I have to be honest the price is not cheap but neither was quality and service. They went above and beyond answering my questions and sending me recommendations.

Sean Programmer

Husband loved his shirts to match his sneakers. I had questions and emailed them . They answered fast and rushed the order to make it on time.


I love buying from these guys. Told them what sneakers I was to make a shirt for and they sent me like 9 different ideas. Dope




What you can expect when we work together

1 on 1

We will personally work with you on your order until it's complete


The details of your order are confidential we do share or post this info


You will receive status updates at each stage of your order.

Complimentary Shipping

The shipping is on us, via UPS.


Your order is handmade 1 of 1. No one else will have it.

Color Matching

We use PMS technology to make sure your colors are perfect.


You will receive mockups to review during the production process.

Behind The Scenes

You can receive pics and videos of your order being produced.


We can work together to come up with the perfect outfit.

Customer Service

You can email. text or call us with any question you may have.

Gift Packaging

Your order will arrive in a gift box as a present to you or a loved one.


We will recommend fabrics, colors etc based on your needs.


What makes us unique

FYI, Most brands you shop with create products with designs and colors that they hope will sell.  It’s a gamble.

They get celebrities and influencers to wear their products hoping that your love of that celebrity would convince you to purchase the product.

They also have reporters and bloggers telling you what the latest trends are, what’s “in style” and what’s hot right now.

But these items are typically made 3 years in advance and were not made specifically for you. A designer who doesn’t know you sent a pattern to an impoverished country and they produced the design in their best-selling sizes and colors. And you are expected to open your wallet and make room in your closet for the privilege to wear these generic garments.

As corny as this may sound, it’s true. We started Unfltrd Passion to put the power and control over what you wear back in your hands.

It’s about you, not us.

We know what it’s like, we’ve been there before…

  • wasted gas and time making trips to the mall. Not to find anything we like.
  • Settling for clothes we don’t love to get ready for a night out, event or a special day.
  • Digging through racks and piles of clothes looking for something anything we like
  • Having ideas for our own designs and outfits but not knowing how to make it.
  • Struggling with not wanting to look like anyone else.
  • Wanting more choices, not the trends brands to push on us
  • Waiting months to wear certain items because we hate
  • Squeezing ourselves into clothes that according to the label are our size but clearly too big or small and now we need a tailor to work a miracle.
  • Wasting a lot of money on bad quality.
  • Trusting websites with good products and getting scammed; clothes never come or look totally different than the website.

So we decided to focus our attention on meeting your needs.

We pride ourselves on removing the stresses that come with buying clothes.  

So, no more worrying :

  • if your clothes will fit you.
  • if you can find the colors you want.
  • if you can find the style or cut you want.
  • if anyone else has it.
  • or finding time in your schedule to go to a store at all.

What’s the big deal?

We know some will say, what’s the big deal? It’s just clothes. But to us, it’s not just clothes

What you wear is a reflection of you; your moods, goals, aspiration, and your status. It’s an introduction.

It’s a form of expression. It’s creativity.

(You can literally play with shapes, colors, patterns and silhouettes.)

Our Plan

Our goal with every item we create together is to bring out your creativity and your confidence. We want you to stand out from the crowd so that when people see you they can
see all the great things that make you unique…

That’s why when we work together one of the most essential steps is learning about you and your style. As well as keeping you updated on every step of the process.

You are the brand.