Color Match Guarantee

Color Match Guarantee

Color Match Guarantee

The Item You Purchased Should Arrive With The Correct Color

Have you ever purchased a shirt that was supposed to match a pair of sneakers and when you finally got it the colors did not match at all?

I’ve been there.  It’s happened to me many times.  That’s why I offer you a color match guarantee.

I guarantee that the design will match the item you expect.  And I am not just talking.  If your garment does not match the sneakers or item I said they would.   I will make you and new one and send it to you, on me.

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I ♥ Color Matching

This is just a sample of our color matching work.

Closed for Maintenance Tee
Custom Dyed Yeezy Mauve Button Up
Jordan 7 Bordeaux || Unfltrd Tee
Cement Jordan 4 || Unappologetically Black Tee

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I stand by every garment I make.  That’s why I am willing to offer you this Color Match Guarantee.

The guarantee will entitle you to a free replacement garment if the colors in the advertised item do not match with the sneakers or item as published.  Period.

*Please be advised the replacement will only be an item equal to the original item purchased; item will be the same size and color etc.

*The guarantee only applies to the specific pair of sneakers/item mentioned in the original advertisement/description.  For example Nike releases Air Jordan Infrared 6 colorway every few years but occasionally the “Infrared” color changes.  So, to ensure an exact match please refer to the sku code in the description.


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