How To Store Your Sneakers


How To Store Your Sneakers

There two types of people (atleast for the sake of this article in reality the human race is quite complex)

  1. those who view their footwear as art
  2. those who view them as a functional foot protector.

Chances are if you’re reading this you view your sneakers as art and even call them out by their street names; True Blue’s, Space Jams, Uptowns, Bred 11 etc.  Chances are you probably don’t just throw your grails to the side but you need to store properly.  While most believe the best way to store your kicks is in the original box, I’ve tried that for years and decided that it wasn’t the best solution for.  I am fan, not a reseller so I knew I know longer the boxes my sneakers came in so I tossed them in the recycle and moved.

How To Store Your Sneakers

One of the most amazing things about collecting sneakers is you always have something to put on your feet but an issue that quickly arises is how do you store your prize pickups?

For years I played shoe box Jenga, you know the game where you remove wooden blocks hoping not to topple the tower?

What I had was a bunch of boxes stacked to the ceiling. I tried to keep them organized by brand, by rarity, importance and which ones I really liked. As most of my favorites are Jordan Brand and Nike as you can imagine the boxes are pretty similar. So what I ended up with was a room full of orange and black boxes.

Let me know if this sounds familiar? Now when I wanted to wear of pair of sneakers from collection I had to read the small type on the front to figure out what was inside but most importantly hope what I wanted wasn’t way at the bottom. On some very good days I could get a box out from the bottom of the pile and be on my way but most times I just knocked everything down or had to unstack & restack, which is time consuming, damages the boxes and just is a major pain.

So I needed another solution. Now my current setup is centered around the Iris Drop Front Shoe Box.  This has been a game changer for me and I love them.

Iris makes a transparent shoe box that can hold up to a men’s size 12 shoe or sneaker.  Unlike most shoe boxes the that require you to remove the top of the box to access your shoes, the Iris shoe box has a door in the front that allows you easy access to your grails.  But wait there’s more.  They are stack-able, they have groves on the top and bottom to prevent them from shifting.  In my collection I have stacked them 12 boxes high with 0 issues.

Iris Clear Drop Front Shoe Box


Pros Cons
Drop front Don’t drop them
Clear Can not store boots
They honestly look amazing






$9.99 at The Container Store


How are you storing your shoe collection?