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Top 5 Things Every Sneaker Collector Should Have by Unfltrd Passion

Top 5 Things Every Sneaker Collector Should Have

top-5-things-every-sneaker-collector-should-have by Unftrd Passion

Whether you just got your first pair of new releases or you’ve been grabbing up heat for years, here’s my list of the Top 5 Things Every Sneaker Collector Should Have, in no particular order.

Shoe Trees

Outside of someone stepping on your brand new sneakers there’s nothing worse than nasty crease lines.  Shoe trees help with this problem by  preserving the shape of the shoe, stopping them from developing creases and thereby extending the life of your sneakers.  Sounds like a win-win to me.

*I tend to go with the cardboard and paper included with my shoe purchase but I plan to try out the shoe shields and will let you know my thoughts.

  • Shoes Trees
  • Sneaker Shields
  • Cardboard Shoe Trees included with sneakers


Shoe Cleaner

Copping a pair of kicks now is days is serious business and if your’re not waiting in lines, don’t have a hook up or don’t want to spend half your day in front of your computer waiting for Footlocker or Nike to let you checkout then you’re buying from the aftermarket sites, which cost quite a bit more.  Either way you need to keep your footwear clean so you can at least get few wears out of them.  So, put away the old wash rag and invest in a cleaner.

Any of these can do the job.  I personally use the footlocker sneaker cleaner but I do plan to give the others a try


Shoe boxes

For years I treated the shoe box that my sneakers came in as if they had healing and restorative powers that my sneakers required.  I’ve since moved on and purchased shoe boxes that allow me to get to and find my favorite sneakers easily and quickly.

*I personally use the Iris Drop Front Boxes



Now just have a great pair of footwear isn’t enough.  The clothes you wear with are an important part of your look and personality.  The clothes don’t make the man but how you wear what you is extremely important because chances are someone else has the same pair of sneakers you have.  Let’s be real there’s only a handful of stores that get the new releases and that store sells accessories and clothes also.  So, if you bought a shirt from the same store you bought your shoes from it’s a pretty safe bet someone else saw that shirt and purchased it as, wouldnt you say?  But, again it’s not about the shirt it’s how you wear it and what you put it together that makes the outfit complete.

Whether you’re into Akoo, Supreme, Stussy, 10 Deep, Born Fly, V/sual Apparel, Johnny Cupcakes, BWood, this list can go on for days.  One word of advice…

  • Wear What You Love

*I’m a fan of all the brands above but as you would expect I do have a bias towards my brand, Unfltrd Passion



All of this is a mute point without footwear.  So, put on your Adidas, Jordans, New Balance, Air Force 1’s and wear them proudly.  It’s the confidence that makes the outfit anyway.

Btw, they’re shoes. Wear them.



Wear socks.  It’s better for your shoes.  Better for everyone else in your house as well.




What’s on your top 5?