4 Stand Out Moments From The LOX vs Dipset

Lox vs Dipset

1. They Dressed For Battle

First thing first look how they came in to the event.

They had on Timberland boots, Nike sneakers, Shorts and Tees.  Nothing extra flashy, no big name brands from what I could see.  I think Jim Jones had on Leather pants, Juelz came in wearing a LV jacket but The Lox had on Timbs, Nike sneakers, Shorts and Tees.

Literally something you can pick up from Dr Jays, Jimmy Jaz, Cititrends etc.

Basically they walked in everyday NY attire.  Meaning they didn’t come to be flashy, they didn’t come for a fashion show they didn’t come to play.  They literally came to do work.

They walked on that stage like they just got off the A train after getting a bag of chips and hero from their local bodega.

They came in so NY.

2. The DJ Was On Point

Without a doubt the star of the show was Jadakiss. The dude stood front and center, voice perfectly clear, rhymes ready to go, attitude ready to fire back at any hints of disrespect. Jada was literally on fire.

But I think the most over looked person on Aug 3 was their DJ, Technician.

Hip Hop at its core is about the chemistry of the MC and the DJ and being nimble even fluid enough to adapt, adjust and change at the drop of dime or should I say needle. Whether it’s a change of beat, a change of flow, adjusting to the participation or lack of from the crowd the MC or should I say I good MC has to be ready and in tuned with their surroundings and a good dj has to be ready to back up their MC.

Now what Technician did that night was just as significant as The Lox themselves.  I know all artist going into these Verzuz celebrations rehearse and have songs they want to play. I think I remember hearing Swizz and Timbaland saying the artist submit their 20 songs they plan to play ahead of the event.

But there were 2 moments that showed the importance of great DJ

Juelz said the Lox didn’t like the ladies and have any female  songs

Cam said the Lox didn’t have any NY songs

If you notice how far the dj was from the artist there was no time to talk and call an audible or adjustment to the playlist. No time for a huddle and the lox to say play this or play that. Like second nature not only did he rattle off the songs, styles, Sheek and Kiss were ready soon as the beat dropped to kick there verses.

I’ve heard some people believe those moments were planned but no way did Dipset throw both of those lobs to the Lox. Why would they especially as their set was stale and lacked any energy and cohesiveness.

3. They Covered All The Bases, Musically

Now that the battle is over, the world found out that The LOX definitely have hits.  You may not remember them because you haven’t heard them in awhile.  Or you may be too young to be familiar with the group and this was your time being exposed to them.  Either way you have to recognize they have bangers in their catalog.

But what I appreciate the most; maybe because I grew rhyming, doing shows, rapping in the lunch room, making demos and sending them in to the record label addresses on the back of the album cover.  The LOX did not just stick to the many obvious hits they had.  They also showed the lyrical side of the game and that element that is signature to the NY sound, freestyling over hot beats.

Their was a time in the late 90’s and early 2000’s that mixtapes were the most popular thing moving in NYC.  And while it was an opportunity for DJ’s to make a name for themselves by premiering new unreleased music, the hidden gem on these tapes were the freestyles.  And there was no better way at that time to create a buzz then having your rhymes on Tony Touch, S&S, Kid Capri and arguably the king of mixtapes DJ Clue.

In NY rappers wanted to make good songs that played on the radio and in the clubs but yet they all wanted to be respected in their hoods and as equal to the lyricist they looked up to whether Kane, KRS, Caz or even Jay-Z.  The LOX showed not only did they have hits that bumped in the club but also the freestyle lyrics that would make you nod your head, laugh out loud when you got the punch line, get out your seat and walk around in disbelief like did he just say that?

4. NY Aggression

The New York Tri State Area, for those who aren’t from here is known to be a super  aggressive area.  We drive 50 mph only to have to stop at a stop sign, we honk our horns the second the light turns green, we scream and get frustrated at anyone around who is walking, driving, talking slower than we would like.  We are in a prepetual rush and pretty much aggressive, 24/7.

So for those of us who have seen other Verzuz battles where the artist spent most their time telling the other artist how much of fans they are, this was not that type of battle.  Both groups had their chest out and ready for war.  No backing down.  The sh*t talk was at all time high and disrespect was not going to be tolerated.

This stood out to me as I read the comments on IG live where it looked as if some people were uncomfortable and/or afraid the battle would turn violent.   Odd is it may sound right now I didn’t even notice at the time until I read comment after comment. That’s when I realize this was that aggressive NY Hip-Hop I grew on.   That Mobb Deep, M.O.P. brand of Hip-Hop that gave you the courage to walk down the darkest grimiest streets, solo and dare anyway to say a word to you.