How To Wear True Blue 3’s

Today’s Challenge:  Jordan True Blue 3’s

Goal:  Present designs that will match the clients personality, individuality  but kid friendly.


The Jordan 3’s are iconic, definitely a must have shoe deserving of something that really made a bold statement.   This project was for one of my loyal customers who loves V-Necks but this time he wanted he shirt to be G-Rated but still attention grabbing.  The most dominate colors are the True Blue and the grey and black in the Elephant Print.  But, don’t sleep on the hints of Red in lace loops and Jumpman logo.


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Unfltrd Passion Confident + Cocky | Jordan True Blue 3's
Confident + Cocky | True Blue 3’s
Unfltrd Passion I Define Style | Jordan True Blue 3's
I Define Style | True Blue 3’s
Unfltrd Passion Risk Takers | Jordan True Blue 3's
Risk Takers | True Blue 3’s