You're not new to this. Your collection is insane and still growing. You take pride in your collection. Picking up the sneakers you fell in love with as a kid. No Hypebeast resale games here. These are not for sale! These are only seeing daylight for the right event. We understand and feel the same way. That's what we do. We make sure that that every item we give you will make you stand out, grab attention and boost your confidence.

Freedom. Power. Choice.

That’s right we put the power in your hands. You have the freedom to create and wear shirts as limited as your collection.  No need to worry if someone else has on your outfit.  No need to worry about if you’ll find shirts to complement you kicks. You’re an individual, trendsetter 100% original and everyone else will know it also.

Revive Your Sneaker Collection

There’s nothing worse than taking a fresh pair of kicks off ice and not being able to find any shirts to complement them.  Now, you have the power to stock up your collection and never be caught without the perfect shirt that complements your sneakers, style and personality.

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Super Ridiculous Easy

No need to go from mall to mall, store to store anymore.  No need to search every site or sort through page after page looking for particular colors.  Times have changed.  Look how simple the shopping experience is.  Do you own a cell?  Have email?  Can you take a pic of your kicks?  Have you seen them online?  Yes.


Send us pics or name of your shoes.


We’ll send you personalized designs.


You’ll have to decide if you’ll tell everyone about your hook up when they ask.

You can always shop our store as well.