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* Mailing Address
* Shirt Size

To undschallenge@gmail.com
*Include a pic of yourself with sneakers in hand.

  1. Follow @unfltrdpassion on Instagram
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  3. Email a picture of yourself with sneakers in hand to undschallenge@gmail.com. Please include your mailing address and shirt size.

No catch at all.

We just ask that you take a picture of yourself and your sneakers so we know that you own them. We would love for you to tag us in the shirt when you wear it but that is 100% optional.

Also, the design/shirt color and style are at our discretion.

You will receive a custom made shirt from the legendary Unfltrd Passion.

There is absolutely no cost to you. Unfltrd Passion will custom make you a shirt and ship it you all at our expense.

You can enter as many times as you like with a different pair of sneakers.   As we will not make another custom shirt for the same pair of sneakers for the same person.

*This policy is subject to change at our discretion.

Simply tag @unfltrdpassion and we will add you to our Instagram feed.

We will also reach out to you discuss how your experience was and add you to our YouTube account.

Awesome.  Thank you.

  • Purchase from Unfltrd Passion website.
  • Email info@unfltrdpassion.com to begin ordering process