You are one of a kind and you know it. You didn't mind taking a risk, pushing the envelope and creating your own lane. You have style, taste and the confidence to pull it all together. You like what no one else has because the attention should be on place, you. You like a lot of brands but ultimately you know that 1 of 1 custom trumps any brand out there.
We feel the same way. We create designs and clothes to separate you from the crowd. To bring your style and personality to life and literally put it front and center where the world can admire. And you can't find that at your local mall on a rack. You don't do ordinary, ordinary is for everyone else.

Freedom. Freedom. And More Freedom

Every other brand and store you know lets choose from their limited collection of styles and colors.  You’re pretty much getting what everyone has.  Way to feel special, huh?  What about when you like the design but hate the material?  Like the shirt but hate the color or style?  Where’s the choice now.

The beauty of custom is the ability to create something totally unique. We truly let you choose everything.  The shirt color. The shirt style. The shirt material.  You can change the colors in the design.  Change the size of the design. Change the placement of the design. Combine designs.  Color match the designs to sneakers.  If you want we’ll even do it for you and send you 3 recommendations you’ll love.  Tell me another brand that does that?

Next Level Shopping

The days of traveling mall to mall, store to store is done just to find clothes everyone else you know already has.  Just let us know what footwear you’re rocking and we’ll come up with designs that complement your footwear, style and personality.  Then we’ll send you mock ups to choose from.  Not just ordinary mock ups either.  Our mock ups include your footwear also so you can really see make the best choice.  All of this without going to the mall, leaving your house, getting dress, burning gas.

(Just one email of sneakers gets you started.)

Bragging Rights

There’s absolutely nothing better than putting your outfit on knowing it did not come off a rack or from a mall.  Your sway gets turned all the way up because you know no one is coming close to you.  Someone else may be rocking a designer label or something that saw on IG but you’re wearing custom made,  1 of 1. Something as original as you are, with your own personal touches. You chose the colors, the style, the fabric.  Can’t nobody tell you nothing.