The 3 Most Important Things You Need To Complete An Outfit

by Unfltrd Passion

Ok, so listen I don’t care how much you spend or where you buy your clothes Gucci, LV, Hermes, Off-White etc etc etc. Tops and bottoms alone do not make an outfit. As expensive as they may be they are pieces in the complete ‘fit. And like every great movie, every great tv show or even every sports team you need a supporting cast.

Let’s get right to it:

  • Shoes
  • Accessories
  • Confidence


While this list is not in any order, this is number one to me. I think all great outfits start from the ground up. First and foremost, whatever you wear should be comfortable. I mean you’re going to be walking in making an entrance making heads turn so it’s better if your dogs aren’t barking, lol. Really, what you wear are the foundation whether its a pair of hard bottoms, a pair of sneakers, boots or anything in between. The shoes tell a story.

Ladies walking in a pair pumps/stiletto’s says she’s didn’t play and no one is safe.  This lady came set it off. A pair of sneakers like Vans or Chuck Taylor’s scream comfort and you jus came to be casual. While the newest Jordan’s or Yeezy’s say you’re up on the latest trends and are status symbols because most of these sneaker sell out quickly.

Of course, the event and situation your in matters also. Stilettos at work, no one may notice but at party wow. Sneakers at the supermarket, no big deal but at wedding.  You’ll definitely get some second looks, lol.

But regardless I think the footwear choice sets the tone for your mood and activities. Out all day walking around the city you want comfort first and party you’re showing up to 3 hours before its over you’re probably going for looks over comfort. Get the idea.

The other thing is the shoes choice sets the color scheme. I personally find it easier to decide what shoe I want to wear first then what shirt/top then the pants.

Picking the shirt first can lead me to footwear that may not be right for the activities or a pair I have worn over and over again or took pics in and I just don’t want to
repeat that look.


So, you have you your tops and bottoms laid out and ready to put on. You know what you’re wearing on your feet but it doesn’t stop there. Don’t overlook the accessories.

A watch, a ring, a hat, a bracelet, rings and even glasses can all complement and enhance your outfit and look. Again just buying and wearing expensive name brands does not make an outfit. The green and black color scheme you put together looks great but adding that red watch band could add a bit of pop to your look. A pair of frames that enhances a subtle color in your shirt or footwear can bring new dimensions to your look. If you want to go more dramatic choose something small with a bold loud color. Have you ever seen someone with all black on from head to toe and then bam, bright belt or sun yellow bag. Heads will turn and people will notice. The choice of color and accessories is another opportunity to express yourself though clothing and gives new life to what could be an ordinary look.


This item is the make or break part of your outfit and the one item that can not be sold in stores, online or anywhere else.

When you put that outfit on and step out the door you have to believe it. You can be styled and dressed personally Virgil Abloh himself but if you don’t believe it and have the confidence in it, the outfit won’t work and you’ll just be walking around feeling awkward and uncomfortable and everyone around you will feel that energy. You can also pick up some pieces from Walmart, Target and Goodwill and wear the hell out of it, be the life of the party, talk of the room, king or queen of the world. It’s not what you wear. Fashion brands have lied to us, trying to convince us if you wear this Gucci or that LV or this Nike we’ll be cool like this celebrity. Lies from the pits of hell. Wearing an outfit you saw Brad Pitt wear don’t make you Brad Pitt, wearing an outfit you seen on Nicki Minaj or Beyonce won’t make you either of them. Don’t get me wrong. You can pull it off with the right amount of confidence but it’s not because it’s something a celebrity wore it’s because you believe in it.

Fashion to me is about personal tastes and preferences find and wearing things you like, experimenting with others, bringing it all together with your own twist. Because why copy someone else when you can be 100,000% you. Like Dorothy told the Lion, Tin Man and Scarecrow everything you need has been inside you the whole time. Just believe.

In some cases it may take some experimenting but when you look in the mirror in the outfit you want to look and say to yourself, “Whoa, I look good”. And that same energy,
belief and confidence will carry with you every time you put that outfit on.

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