No one has ever stood out blending in. So, why hold yourself back?
Enjoy the freedom and power to create clothes that no one else has, the confidence boost of being true to yourself and the attention from being you.


What’s better than wearing custom? Your clothes aren’t off a rack that other people touched and tried on. They are hand made from high quality fabrics with you and only you in mind. When you hit the town in your custom made shirt, confident, original, turning heads. You’ll never be the same.


Do you really have time to go to every store, mall and website looking for something unique that no one else has?  You can save time, gas and still dress better than your friends.  Let us send you  shirt recommendations that you’ll love and you can party, relax, work, create memories.


What you want, how you want it. You are in control. No one is telling you what to wear or how to rock it. You are the designer. No limits. You have the freedom to let your creativity go. The freedom to design and develop your ideas, your voice and style. Haters hate out of jealousy and envy.

Unpredictable Tee

Be anything but predictable.
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Frugal Tee

When you make your own coins you earn the right to prioritize and spend it how you feel.
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