SuperStar: Whether you know it or not

Who says a super star is defined by sold out concerts, box office ticket sales, recording contracts, book deals and a reality show?  I say a super star is defined by attitude.  You may not know who I am but when I walk in the room I own it, from smile to stride.  Not because I’m better but because I know I’m not less.

Here’s some shots of the grey and black SuperStar sweatshirt live and in color.  The sweatshirt also comes in other colors and styles but limited in quantity to 130 to make sure everyone does has it.  I mean, why wear what everyone is?

Derek SuperStar Look Down

What I’m Wearing

SuperStar Sweatshirt (Grey | Black)

Premium Timberland Boots (Black)


Derek SuperStar Look Left


Derek SuperStar Open Shirt


Derek SuperStar Look Right

What are your thoughts on the SuperStar sweatshirt?

Get yours today or shop the whole collection before it’s sold out never to return.