Racer Blue AJ5 Black Hoodie || Cash Only

Hoodie || Premium 8.5oz

Measuring Tips to Assure The Best Fit


Chest Width

With arms at sides, place tape measure under your arms and run it around the fullest part of the bustline and across the shoulder blades.

Length HPS

High Point Shoulder.

The measurement from where the shoulder seam meets the neckline down to end of the garment.



Hoodie Size Chart


*This hoodie runs big. If you're looking for a European/fitted look, size down.  Also, check the above chart and measure either your favorite brand (other than us, if one exists) or measure yourself. 😉

Racer Blue AJ5 Black Hoodie || Cash Only


This item will ship between July 11 & July 20, 2022 if you order within.

Color Match Guarantee

If the colors in this design do not match the SKU number of the item pictured then I will send you a new one, on me.

Racer Blue AJ5 Black Hoodie || Cash Only

That’s right you like to make an entrance… We got you covered. Heads will turn.

Not for those that want to blend in and go unnoticed

Product Description:

This product is made to order and includes:

  • 30+ years of being a lover of streetwear, sneakers, and fashion, from RL to Gucci and everything in between.
  • 6 years and counting of r & d of 100’s of fabrics and blank manufacturers
  • 6 years and counting and 100 hours testing screen printing inks and specialty prints
  • 2 years of sourcing and dyeing fabrics in-house to create a truly unique 1 of 1 product
  • 168 hours of design creation, testing and perfection
  • 100 hours of pattern making and quality assurance
  • Silkscreens, printing press, color separation software, transparent sheets, fiber reactive dyes, sewing machine, serger, coverstitch.
  • Heart, Soul, and Passion.

This item is made from:

  • Material: 8.5 oz Cotton Fleece
  • 100% Cotton
  • Joggers
  • Design: Screen Print
  • Pantone color matched ink
  • Individually printed in the US

The Racer Blue AJ5 Black Hoodie || Cash Only:
Inspired by the Racer Blue AJ5 Colorway || SKU: CT4838-004


Fewer trips to the mall digging through piles of clothes wasting time and gas looking for your size or anything you like.


Comfort and quality.  This is made using pillow soft cotton, Made in the USA, that feels amazing against your skin. Custom mixed ink that’s so vibrant and rich and nearly jumps off the fabric while being super soft to the touch.


This is 1000% yours, specifically made for you. Not on a shelf right now and packaged for whoever orders it. This is made for you. Your needs. Your colors. Your event. Feel the power and the confidence when you put it on. Heads will turn.

Timeless Durability

Yes, durability. You benefit by not worrying if this will hold up overtime. Nothing cheap went into the making of this product.

All fabrics and inks are put through rigorous testing. Our kids, cousins, etc wore the initial designs to play dates, tumbling around the house sizes, exploring outdoors and we as parents washed them repeatedly.

We have shirts from over 6 years ago that are not cracked or chipped and still look new. So, yes durability


10+ years of testing every blank and fabric type on the market, innumerable inks to find the perfect combination of color accuracy, wearability and durability.

Feel free to get as crazy as you want with the designs, colors, materials, size its all about you. You know what you like, what you need and what will set you apart and we’ll help you make it happen. Don’t settle, wear what you love.
Never worry again about your what you’re going to wear, if someone else has your outfit; if you can can find the right colors, fabrics, or what anyone else has on. You + Us = a great combination.
No need to ever wear clothes you don’t love again. Or waste time searching through dozens of websites. We let you control designs, colors and materials.
Not sure what material to use, how your design will look or even where to start? Don’t worry you’re not alone, we’re not only here to help you along the way, we’re also real people that love what we do.
It doesn’t get easier than this, you won’t have to drive from mall to more, store to store ever again, burning gas and wasting time. Tell us what you’re wearing or what you like and we’ll send you recommendations.

Additional information

Weight 75 oz
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 3 in

What happens after your order is placed?

After we recieved your order;

The artwork/design is prepared
A transparent image is printed.
An aluminum screen is cleaned, covered in emulsion and dried.
The transparent image is burned into the screen.
The screen is washed out and set aside to dry.
The ink is matched and mixed with the design using pantone colors.
Your order is setup on the press
The blank is printed.
Your order is packaged and shipped.
Your excitement is too much to contain and you order more 🙂

Contact Us


Phone: 516.331.3535

Customer Reviews

* Unfltrd Passion gives you the freedom to be...


This is wearable art. This is made to order just for you. That means no 2 are alike.  No one, no wear will have this same exact swag.


Look! You will turn heads. You will have people wondering where you shop.  If you wanted to go unnoticed you would wear all black from head to toe. And if you wanted to be regular you would buy the same old premade clothes everyone else has.


Bragging Rights, Ego, First. Only. What’s better than having something no one else can find?  Having something no one else can get.  This will sell out and when it does you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you got one before they’re gone.


Save time. Find the perfect outfit.  You won’t need to search all over for the perfect outfit. Looking for something for the new releases that dropped? How about the pair you stashed away a few years ago? Or couldn’t find anything for? We have covered.
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