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    While some brands and clothing lines only show you the finished product, which is cool.  I grant you access to behind the curtain, where the magic happens.  Your membership includes pics and videos of your item being made for you.  How awesome is that?  You’ll get to see the whole process.


    With every order you will get a matching t-shirt in an alternate color.  So, for example, if you order a black t-shirt for the Bordeaux 6’s, you will also receive the same design on an alternate color shirt. So, in this example the shirt you ordered was Black and the alternate shirt you receive may be Grey, in the same design and size.


    What if I ordered a hoodie, shorts or a custom made shirt?

    • You will receive a tee with the same colors as your order.

    What if I ordered 3 items?

    • You will receive 3 tees.

    Your membership entitles you to discounts on bookings fees such as;

    • Event Consultations
    • Personal Shopping
    • New Design Creations
    • And more.

    Your order is super important to me.  I made it like I was wearing it myself and want to make sure it gets to you as quick and as safe as possible.  So, after testing nearly every shipping service I am most pleased with UPS.  Your membership includes UPS 2 Day shipping with every order.

    *Please note this does not mean your order will ship in 2 days.  Please check product page for when your item is expected to ship.  2 Day shipping means when I personally pop champagne and celebrate the completion of your order, box it up with white gloves, take it to my car with armed security and put it in a rear facing child seat for safety, drive 20 mph to UPS, hand it to the UPS Customer Service Rep and wave goodbye to the package while wiping tears from my eyes.  It will arrive 2 days from then.

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Unfltrd Membership 1 Year
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Unfltrd Membership 1 Year
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