Kiss Me!!! White Tee (Proof of Concept)

The awesome thing about owning your own business is the ability to continually improve, customize and work on designs. At least for me that’s the part I truly enjoy, finding new and creative ways to marry my designs with my fashion sense and ensure that no one else has on what I’m wearing. That pursuit led me to find something totally unique for the Concord 11’s.

Kiss Me | Glossy Vinyl


As every sneakerhead and Jordan fan already knows, the Concord 11’s are top 3 most popular pair of kicks and arguably the #1 pair of Jordan’s.  Thanks to good folks at eBay I was able to add these coveted kicks to my collection. In my opinion, a rare and legendary pair of kicks needs an equally impressive shirt.  While I have plenty of black and white shirts I wanted something that really complimented the gloss of the patent leather on the Concord 11’s. The one of kind proof of concept shirt is below.

Kiss Me White Tee
Kiss Me White Tee


I got my hands on some Glossy Vinyl for textiles, loaded up the Kiss Me!!! design in my Vinyl cutting program, painstakingly weeded the design and pressed it using my heat press.  The shirt came out amazing, now I need to get another pair of Concords since I can’t bring myself to un-DS my one and only pair of ‘cords….. Sneakerhead problems