Black Owned Sneaker Brands

Black Owned Sneaker Brands

The African American community spends nearly $1 trillion dollars a year.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we normalize spending those dollars in our own community?

I love a pair of Nike’s and Air Jordan’s like everyone else but as I get older I also know that we all need a shot and opportunity to shine.  So, I try to support African American and small businesses that may not have the marketing budget a major corporation has.

Quiet as it’s kept some small businesses may go above and beyond with their customer service effort and you may get a chance to meet the owner and understand the history, process and reason the business was started initially.  Plus, every dollar spent with an African American business uplifts that community.  Creating jobs and opportunities.

Ok, I rambled on enough.  Here are a few Black Owned Sneaker Brands you should check out.

SIA Collective

SIA Collective || Phuck Racism

SIA Collective, founded by Devlin Carter, a US Coast Guard Veteran and also the owner of Fly Boy Couture Club is really making a name for himself in the sneaker game.

SIA preorders are usually available on Saturday mornings at 10a EST and they sell out in seconds.  What makes this so unique is SIA is not a giant footwear company like Nike and Adidas.  The brand is independently owned designed and run by Devlin.  Items are produced by his factory partner overseas and then shipped out by Devlin as soon as he gets them in hand.  Unlike other brands where there is some mystery about what happens after you order, Devlin gives regular updates on his IG account.

If you are nervous about ordering from Devlin and SIA then peruse his IG comments and read the thoughts and love coming from his loyal customers that continually purchase or try to get their hands on every release SIA drops.  Clearly, he’s doing it right.



Sanita Deck
Tronus Sanita Deck || Unfltrd Passion


Tronus is not only black owned, it is also owned by a black woman.  Sanita Deck.

If she looks familiar, she should be.  You probably recognize her from the track field, or from Rugby or maybe as one of the stars of the Woman’s Football League, or her workouts and IG page.

Either way Tronus is making major waves in the sneaker game and brand you should definitely check out.

Fabrice Tardieu

Fabrice Tardieu || Keep Rolling

Fabrice Tardieu is a Haitian American luxury fashion designer.


Rockdeep || Unnamed Runner Rockdeep || Closed Fist

Rockdeep, was founded in 2013 by Rocky Parrish.

Rockdeep features Running and Training sneakers, Hiking boots and even golf shoes

Honarable Mention

ByKiy + Reves Paris

Air Kiy Black Friday

The Air Kiy is a collab between Kool.Kiy and Reeves Paris, owned by David Weeks.

These sneakers based on the Jordan 1 silhouette have been hot like fish grease.

They are not without controversy though.  It seems Nike has been busy behind these scenes, they renewed their Air Jordan 1 patent.  So, it looks like it’s only a matter of time before Air Kiy is shut down.  So, I am not sure if these can be considered a sneaker brand or just a really hot knock-off.

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