Rebel In The Making

I can honestly say I did not plan to start clothing line.  All I  wanted to do was make clothes that went with my sneaker collection, matched my personality and taste and that no one else had.

Yeah, I know pretty selfish, but hey, true story.

I am certified sneaker, shoe, footwear fanatic, I can own that. Now, I know like you do all great outfits start with your footwear and clothes you choose help brings out your personality and style. You can’t just wear any rags with your brand new footwear but the problem with finding the right outfit for your sneakers, shoes is that for every pair you get there’s tons of other people looking for the outfits to go with the same shoes.

Born Out Of Frustration

Frustrated with the countless hours and money I spent spent traveling all over the city in and out of every mall, department store, outlet, store front and mom and pop shop. From Soho to the Garment District, Madison Ave to China Town, Jamaica Ave to Fulton to Fordham Road and every hole in the wall hood spot in between; looking for hidden gems. An amazing shirt, pants, jacket or anything that I could go with my sneakers or caught my eye that I could build upon later. Why should it be so difficult to find something unique? Special? Mine?

Frustrated with the fashion options that were available. Regardless, what brand you love, follow, worship and are loyal to they pretty much pick the clothes for us that we should wear for a season. It’s as of my mom came and said here’s what your wearing for the next 3 months. The colors, designs, styles and specific products are all set. What do you do if you love the designs but hate the colors? What do you do if you love the colors and hate the designs? What about if you don’t support the image and/or message?

The reality is that as much as clothing brands talk about individuality and uniqueness they’re really selling us a one size fits all product. And that didn’t work for me.

Your Style, On Your Terms

Fashion is about self expression, individuality, creativity, confidence and freedom. There’s no comparison to that feeling of walking in a room and watching everyone checking you out. Or having people constantly ask where you got your shirt from. Or how did you find an outfit with just just the right colors. Don’t get me started on how much you can accomplish with pure confidence.

What Unfltrd Passion does is it puts power and choice back in your hands. You have a voice in the colors. You can now find outfits that go with shoes or accessories you tucked away for the perfect occasion. You’re no longer a slave to the seasonal fashion calendar. Wear what you want, when you want, how you want. After all, you are an individual.